Only Rihanna. 

Is Rihanna still working with Dior? She was just walking around with her custom Dior tote about a month ago. If she is, only she could get away with having a partnership with one major luxury label and sitting front row at the presentation for another. Check her out at the Louis Vuitton menswear show today in Paris. WTF does LV need Justin Theroux for when Rihanna’s around? She’s there to support Virgil Abloh. No one is telling Rihanna who or what she can or can’t support. 

As you can see, white was Rihanna’s dress code for the day. Again, only she can wear these extra, extra size pants and look this good. With a white fanny pack around her waist and a chain of them looped around one shoulder. Also this white eyeliner. I AM OBSESSED WITH IT. I am definitely trying it. 

Almost exactly a year ago, it was revealed that Rihanna was dating billionaire Hassan Jameel. Lately there have been rumours that they broke up because she was tired of him. There’s been zero confirmation of that and they were pretty undercover to begin with so the fact that they haven’t been seen together in a while doesn’t really mean much. BUT. Before Rihanna, Hassan also hooked up with Naomi Campbell. And that was a sh-t starter when Rihanna and Handsome Hassan, as Kathleen calls him, first hooked up. So look who’s sitting four seats over from Rihanna at the LV show, beside Bella Hadid who’s the one in red: 


Is this why she’s making this face? LOLOLOLOL. 


Why is it that Rihanna and ASAP Rocky never happened though? Shouldn’t we want it to happen?