Cate Blanchett and Sandra Bullock went for penis facials when they were shooting Ocean’s 8. That’s right. Penis facials. Without knowing what, exactly, is involved in a penis facial, what do you picture? Because I picture being tapped in the face all over by a penis. Some of you might picture not the penis but the penis ejaculate. That is not what a penis facial is. When you find out what a penis facial actually is, a whole other argument will ensue about circumcision and whether or not you agree with it. Seriously though, if what you’re looking for is collagen stimulation, again, I’ve been telling you for years. Go see Lorinda at W Skin Care for the cold gel laser treatment. It’s been working for me for almost a decade. (Dlisted) 

There was no Rate My Professor or Reddit when I was in university. Back then, when we wanted to bitch about our professors, we did it at the pub, over fries and beers. I taught a university class last fall at my alma mater, Western University, about gossip. The students were so amazing, they actually ended up teaching me. Like any narcissist, at the end of the semester, I went on Rate My Professor to see what they were saying about me. They did not sh-t on me. Even worse, they had NOTHING to say about me. I didn’t even have an account. So I wrote an article about it in the student paper, complaining about my students not complaining about me. Unlike this student who went on Reddit to complain about his professor – and the professor had a response. (Pajiba) 
Selena Gomez went for lunch and was seen holding a bible. This is not what I expected the bible to look like. Picture a bible. The bible that probably comes to mind has a leather, or a fake leather, cover, right? Black? Or red? I think I’ve seen a few in dark green too, at a hotel. Selena’s bible looks like a trade paperback publication. Oh wait, it’s not an actual bible. It’s a book about the bible and its everyday application. Could a bible be printed like trade paperback though? Probably not. Because there has to be permanence to a bible. Right? (TMZ) 
Blake Lively in a suede fashion track suit and combat heels and I AM IN. So in. Love the colour. Love the hood. Love the fit. Love the tuck-in to the boots. Don’t love the earrings though. I think the earrings are the wrong choice. The boots are enough. This track suit doesn’t need to be dressed up any more than that, if you have to dress it up at all. (Go Fug Yourself) 
Angelina Jolie talks about makeup and her makeup style – basically red lipstick and black eyeliner. But I really do like the part here where she mentions Zahara having a friend over and they wanted to do makeovers and Angelina did not have enough of it. So that answers the question about whether or not the Jolie-Pitt kids have everything. Not everything. Not enough makeup. (Cele|bitchy) 

The Asian Squat! YESSSSSS! I talk about the Asian Squat all the time, sometimes when we’re shooting in the field, when we’re waiting around, and there’s nowhere to sit. I’ll just drop an Asian Squat, no problem. And I can stay there for a long, long time. Of course it’s not really an Asian squat, it’s really just a squat. It’s just that we Asians squat A LOT. (The Atlantic)