What are you watching? There are so many good options. As I mentioned in yesterday’s open, Tigertail just premiered on Netflix. Forget about Tiger King. Tigertail is what your heart needs right now. Also… it’s the return of Insecure! Click here for Melayna’s primer on Issa’s fourth season. It’s been two years! Please, more Asian Bae and less of F-cking Dro. 

And, and, and! 

KILLING EVE is back! Two weeks early! In Canada you can watch the premiere of Season 3 on CTV Drama at 10pm on Sunday. In America Killing Eve airs on BBC America and AMC. I’m ready. 

Because I miss Sandra Oh. Sandra’s never been an in-your-face celebrity and now that the pandemic has meant that publicity tours are online only, we’ve seen almost zero of her leading up to Eve’s comeback. She’s doing a virtual event tonight though if you want to connect on Zoom…

…and if you’re wondering where she’s been isolating, it’s Los Angeles. She’s safe but I wonder how she’s managing the worry about her parents, who live in Canada. Like all of us with older parents, in the high risk age group, being away from them is hard, harder now than usual. What’s also hard is walking them through the technology to stay in touch. I have a friend who had to teach her parents how to get on Zoom and, well, if you’ve been there, you know you don’t get out of those conversations without new grey hairs or wrinkles. Maybe Sandra’s better at this because as she said in a recent interview, she’s the “Zoom organiser” for her various friend groups. That’s one way she’s been coping during the pandemic – reconnecting with people from her past, trying to see as many faces through her screen(s) as possible. And also… watching K-dramas!

Which ones? Please. The one I’ve been telling you about – Crash Landing On You

If you’ve been visiting this site regularly for a while, you know that I’ve been obsessed with Korean and Chinese dramas since Christmas. Netflix’s Far East drama library is impressive. And Sandra’s clearly been exploring it: 

“So am I,” Sandra reacted quickly when told that many more people around the world are addicted to K-dramas or Korean teleserye as they ride out the pandemic. “It’s a tremendous time for South Korea, culturally. I have been gobbling up this one show called ‘Crash Landing on You’ on Netflix.”

If you haven’t already then, add that to the list this weekend. To sum up then, it’s Tigertail, Insecure, Killing Eve, and Crash Landing On You. After that, if you want another K-drama recommendation, see if you can find a series called Fight For My Way which came out in 2017. I binged it a month ago because the lead actor, Park Seo-joon, is friends with BTS’s V. It always comes back to BTS.