Go off, Shawn Mendes. He’s been on a roll. First, there were the shockingly great new singles. Then, there was the mature and introspective music video. Now, Shawn has made it red-carpet official with Hailey Baldwin and at the biggest red carpet event of the year. This kid is getting good. 

If you listen really carefully, you can hear the sobs and/or squeals of thousands of teen girls and boys. If I was a teen girl in real life and not just in my soul, I would be freaking out over this reveal. It’s not like we didn’t see it coming. Almost a month to the day, Shawn and Hailey went Instagram official. But posing in the same frame on Instagram and being the couple who does red carpets are two completely different things. This is a Big. F-cking. Deal. I mean that in the context of the seriousness of their relationship but I mean it more in the context of Shawn’s album rollout. 

The album drops on May 25th. Shawn has been in heavy promotion mode. That is only going to pick up steam in the next couple weeks and he’s just opened himself up to questions about his relationship. His team would know this which means that they welcome it. Shawn and Hailey posed on the carpet but if you watch the footage of them making their way inside, Shawn’s hand never leaves Hailey’s back. He also fixes the train of her dress like a proper Prince Charming. 

Are you swooning? As Lainey put it recently, Shawn Mendes is here to play. 

He’s actually completing the next phase in the “Popstar Formula.” Of course, he needs a public relationship. He needs his Britney or his Selena. Someday, we’re going to do a deep dive into the way male pop stars capitalize on the women in their lives to sell records. Anyway, I do think Shawn and Hailey are legit (friends of mine have seen them on and off together in Toronto for over a year) but I also think that the timing of their red carpet debut is strategic. Both can be true. 

As for the fashion, well, I’m bored. They look great together – perfectly tall and model-esque and equally all limbs. There’s nothing bad going on here but I just looked away for a minute and I already forgot what Hailey Baldwin is wearing. I remember the pink hair and the flower crown. This isn’t Coachella. Shawn looks HOT and the fit and colour are great but the suit is safe. Unfortunately, I think this suit is the biggest fashion risk we’re going to get out of Shawn Mendes. 

If nothing else, Shawn Mendes and Hailey Baldwin rendered Cole Sprouse and Lili Reinhart’s red carpet debut irrelevant. Teen Vogue cared for a hot second until Shawn and Hailey showed up. Sorry, Bughead. I still care… a little.