I covered Cannes for etalk for many years, and while the films were different every year, and the accommodations changed, in all the times that I was there, you could always rely on Sharon Stone to show up too. And in my posts from back then, I would always say this: they LOVE Sharon Stone in Cannes. When she shows up at the Palais, the announcer always adds a little something extra to her introduction and the crowd goes wild. 


For many years, Sharon was in Cannes for amfAR; she’s had a long association with the organisation and has been one of its most vocal and active ambassadors. The amfAR gala near the end of the festival, just before the second weekend, is always a major celebrity draw, although Sharon hasn’t had much involvement with amfAR since 2014. So she returns this year as the host, just a few months after the release of her memoir – and as you can see, it was a spectacular comeback tonight on the Croisette.

She certainly picked a dress for it.


Gowns like this typically aren’t my jam, but they’re also not typically her jam, which is why this is so effective. Also helps that she’s wearing the sh-t out it – because Sharon Stone knows how to wear a goddamn dress. On her, this dress was made for a woman, a queen and not a princess. It would be different, right?, if you were seeing it on, say, Elle Fanning? On Sharon, there’s nothing childish here, nothing youthful…which is a GOOD thing. Here’s an example where “young” isn’t always the goal or a benefit. You need some experience to pull off all the drama of this dress without having it overwhelm you. And that’s what Sharon Stone is doing with this look. There is no dress that could possibly overshadow her.