Tom and Henry twinning in Beijing 

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The Mission Impossible: Fallout press tour is still happening and it still needs 100% more Angela Bassett. And where’s Ving Rhames? Without both, we have to settle for Tom Cruise, Henry Cavill, and Simon Pegg. Their most recent stop on the M:I - Fallout tour was Beijing on Wednesday. The next best thing to Angela Bassett is Tom and Henry showing up in virtually identical suits and playing Photo Assumption about who can pose harder/act taller. 
Sarah first pointed out that Tom being self-conscious about Henry joining the cast. She joked that he was the one behind the infamous Paramount/Warner Brothers moustache feud
“No one can be more handsome than me,” he shrieks, staring at Cavill’s headshot. “Make him grow an awful 1970s mustache!” 

She also pointed out that in Mission: Impossible - Fallout, director Christopher McQuarrie and co. went through great lengths to make Henry and Tom look the same height. Those tricks don’t really work when they’re standing next to each other, do they? Which is why I’m convinced that Tom and Henry are separated by Christopher and a shiny Simon Pegg in every picture so as not to bring attention to the fact that Tom Cruise is basically a miniature, less muscular version of Henry Cavill. Who would win in a fight: Superman or Ethan Hunt? If it’s Cavill’s Superman, my bet is on Hunt. Tom Cruise can also act circles around Henry Cavill. See, Tom? Size doesn’t always matter. 
In other Tom Cruise news, the Top Gun sequel has been delayed by a year. The studio says they need time to perfect the plane sequences, which if Tom “I Do My Own Stunts” Cruise is involved, also means “we need a year to figure out how to throw Tom out of a F-14 fighter jet while he’s flipping off Val Kilmer’s Iceman and doing a backflip.” Or, they just haven’t come up with the technology to make Miles Teller look shorter than Tom Cruise. And Miles needs time to grow a mustache. 

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