Tom Cruise is currently promoting The Mummy. He’s been in Australia since Sunday taking pictures with his good friend Russell Crowe and there was even an interview. During that interview, with Sunrise, Tom confirmed that a Top Gun sequel is happening, which we’ve already heard. But he actually got specific – it’s “definitely happening”:

If we take “in the next year” to mean between now and June 2018, and we give them another 6-9 in post, that would mean Top Gun 2 in 2019? Last year, which was the last time we talked about the Top Gun sequel, Jerry Bruckheimer said that the story would be about drones and whether or not Maverick-style fighter pilots are relevant anymore in the time of drones. And, as I said, the plot, at least to me, is obvious: Maverick is now Viper. If Maverick is Viper, it means we need a new Maverick. I haven’t seen the original Blade Runner (yes, Sarah, I hear you bitching about this) but I’m assuming that in the new Blade Runner, Harrison Ford is now the Viper to Ryan Gosling’s Maverick.

Would Tom Cruise be willing to be in a movie though where he’s not THE Maverick of the movie? I think so, yes. But only if Maverick gets to win the day.