Girls 5Eva was one of those “I KNOW there’s too much TV, but you HAVE to watch this one!” shows in 2021-2022. It streamed on Peacock, which nobody watches, and even still, it managed to catch on a little bit, though ultimately, Peacock decided not to renew it in 2022 after the second season. Netflix, however, picked Girls 5Eva for a six-episode third season which drops on March 14, and yesterday they released a trailer teasing the Girls’ comeback within the show, and the show’s comeback on Netflix. 


Now that it will be on Netflix, you have no excuse and can get into Girls 5Eva at last. Lainey is talking about being late to the party with Brooklyn Nine-Nine on The Squawk, and I will own that I was late to the party for Girls 5Eva, despite Duana repeatedly saying I needed to watch it. There IS too much TV, but you DO have to watch this one! 


It’s a perfect showcase for its ensemble, starring Sarah Bareilles, Busy Philipps, Paula Pell, and Renee Elise Goldsberry. Loosely, the show is about a one hit wonder Nineties girl group that reunites decades later after a rapper samples their one hit. The third season is about the comeback, both narrative and literal, and the only bad thing I see in this trailer is Jimmy Fallon. Of all of Tina Fey’s SNL buddies who host a talk show, she had to go for Fallon and not Seth Meyers? Ugh, fine.


Fallon aside, season three looks great, and I am here for more of the Girls, even if I doubt Netflix pushes for more than this one extra season. Girls 5Eva is a cult hit show, and increasingly TV is littered with these short-lived wonders, especially in the comedy space (see also Our Flag Means Death, Reboot, Schmigadoon!, Santa Clarita Diet, South Side, Betty, A League of Their Own, The Mick, We Are Lady Parts, Killing It…).


I get that not everything can run for a bajillion seasons like It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, but would it kill networks and/or streamers to let some of these shows finish their stories? Like damn, I am still mad I do not know how it all worked out for Joel, Sheila, and their eco-terrorist daughter Abby on Santa Clarita Diet! Hopefully, this third season of Girls 5Eva will give us some closure, or even better, breathe new life into the series now that it’s on a platform people actually watch.