Nicole Kidman’s been in New York the last few days and has been making headlines for, um, just sitting there. Like that’s actually what happened. Because she was at the US Open women’s final the other day to see Coco Gauff win the title and Amy Schumer posted a photo of her with the caption “This how human sit”, suggesting I guess that Nicole looked like a robot. 


Then the internet accused Amy of cyberbullying and she deleted the post and apologised like this:


Anyway, Nicole seemed unbothered because the next day she returned to Arthur Ashe for the men’s final with Keith Urban in the perfect tennis watching outfit. 

Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban are seen at the Men's final match between Novak Djokovic vs. Danill Medvedev at the 2023 US Open Tennis Championships on September 10, 2023 in New York City

This is excellent. The shorts, the jacket, the shoes, and sun protection because it’s important for all of us to protect our skin but especially her because she’s so fair. While we’re on the topic of skin, though, let me throw in a shameless plug for The Squawk, our new Substack, because the latest newsletter just went up and it’s about scheduling injectibles and how I wish celebrities would actually talk about it, because I want to know if their Botox times are in alignment with my Botox times. Nicole Kidman has said in the past that she’s tried Botox once and didn’t like it. I have done Botox multiple times and I love it. So if you’re interested, please subscribe here! THANK YOU FOR YOUR SUPPORT. 

Back to Nicole – yesterday she was out again in NYC for Charity Day hosted by Cantor Fitzgerald where she hung out on the trading floor to encourage investors to make donations.


Other celebrities participating included Victor Cruz and Jeffrey Dean Morgan. Interestingly enough, since Nicole is such a reliable fashion mother, as the kids say, we haven’t yet seen her at any of the fashion week shows or events. Paris is usually more her lane though. Maybe she’ll turn up at the end of the month.