Victoria Beckham hosted a holiday party last night at her flagship store in London which was basically like a promotional event for her clothing and skincare/makeup lines as there were a lot of models there and probably some big ticket clients but no other celebrities.


In this case though, with the Beckham name, the family is the celebrity factor. And there were several family members there with Victoria including three of her children – Romeo, Cruz, and Harper Seven – and their partners and girlfriends. 

As for David Beckham, he of course is still in Qatar for the World Cup and won’t return home until after the final on Sunday. Speaking of football though, let’s talk about Romeo who is now 20 years old and plays for Inter Miami II, which is Inter Miami’s reserve team. David is the co-owner of Inter Miami so, yes, there’s a nepotism conversation happening here and that’s probably one of the reasons the organisation has been so quiet on Romeo, intentionally. 


They do not promote him at all. As The Athletic pointed out back in August, he is almost never highlighted unless necessary, as the team has restricted any mentions of him to just whatever happens on the pitch. There have been no press opportunities, he doesn’t talk to the media, they do nothing to elevate his position, he doesn’t appear to be given any special treatment in coaching decisions, and if there is special treatment, it’s to do with his profile and the fact that they keep him away from the media. Meanwhile, his play seems to be improving.

All of this means that nobody knows exactly what Romeo’s aspirations are, whether or not he aims to advance into the MLS proper and really make this his career through this 20s, although he identifies as a “footballer” on Instagram. If that is the case then it seems unlikely that he’ll follow in his older brother’s footsteps and break from the family business. You can’t really get more into the family business than what he’s doing now.