While his best friend Ben Affleck was in Las Vegas marrying Jennifer Lopez – now and forever NOT known as Mrs. Jennifer Lynn Affleck, LOL – Matt Damon was seen this weekend with his wife and their kids on holiday on the Amalfi Coast. They’ve actually been in Italy for at least week; here are some shots of them in Rome last week, and then in Capri mid-week. 


Since early June, Ben has been directing Matt on the set of their Nike movie. I’m wondering though, given his trip, if Matt’s wrapped up his part because, well, I mean it would be difficult to maintain continuity if he comes back with a tan. Not that it’s impossible for hair and makeup artists to adjust and for them to light him differently, but it’s definitely easier for everyone to stay locked in until after everything’s completed, and it just makes more sense logistically (logistics also keep the finances on track – and money management is always a concern on film sets); with his experience, and since he’s also a producer on the project, I would imagine Matt would be mindful of all that. 

But… they just confirmed the addition of two new cast members five days ago? Which says to me that while Matt may have finished his on-camera work, they’re actually still in production, so to bring it back to Bennifer (obviously the #1 story today!), it would mean that the Bennifer wedding was, as mentioned in the previous post a mid-production production. Getting married on a Saturday, back to work Monday. After all, Ben’s work on the Nike movie doesn’t end when the cameras stop rolling, even if they’ve wrapped shooting. A director’s work continues through post-production. 


The point is, if that’s how it went down, it wasn’t production that accommodated the wedding, they arranged the wedding around the production schedule. Which…again…isn’t what anyone would have expected. Ben and JLo didn’t stop everything to get married. And doesn’t that just add to the surprise of it all?