That sounds dirtier than I intended. Zayn Malik has a new single called “Fingers” and it’s all angst-ridden and rife for interpretation. The song isn’t great but I wish it was because the lyrics are perfect for 2018. This should be a young millennial/Gen Z anthem. 

'Cause I'm f-cked and I want ya
I can't even text ya
'Cause my fingers ain't broken, but my heart is
If you wanna let me know where you hiding
I could come and love (I could come and love)

“My fingers ain’t broken but my heart is” is an amazing line for the Tinder generation. It also potentially gives us some insight into the dynamics of Zayn and Gigi Hadid’s short-lived breakup. He’s the one who was itching to text her. He’s the one who was staring at his phone waiting for it to buzz. Zayn is THAT guy. Did you ever doubt that he was that guy? Zayn loves hard. He’s been engaged before. If you believe the rumours, he’s even tried to propose to Gigi but that didn’t go so well. “Fingers” doesn’t have an embarrassing music video yet. If this song is a love letter to Gigi about their ups and downs, does she make another appearance in one of Zayn’s videos, instead of him hiring a lookalike to play her? 

“Fingers” is the latest single that appears to be part of Zayn’s sophomore album rollout, which is going very slow and not delivering on the buzz I’m sure Zayn and his team were hoping for. I have not been impressed with the songs leading up to “Fingers". I’m also not that impressed with “Fingers.” Zayn is going to smooth and sexy pop R&B. His problem is that right now he’s up against Daniel Caesar and Khalid who are doing that genre WAY better than he is right now. So is Miguel. Zayn isn’t giving us anything worth listening to that’s more worthy than any of the aforementioned artists. 

I’m not into Zayn’s new music but I’m very into the theory that “Fingers” is about Harry Styles. LOL. Stans are wild. 

Listen to “Fingers” below. 

Here's Gigi leaving her apartment yesterday and Zayn out in New York earlier this month.