It’s exactly as Sasha said yesterday in the article about the Big Boob Rule – click here for a refresher. Jessica Simpson in a scoop neck under a blazer, I mean f-ck those tits are still crazy but it’s flattering, and she looks good, and there’s nothing suggestively indecent about it. Great.

Then of course she had to grab his hand and kiss it, like she’s f-cking grateful to him for loving her or something. Which of course is fully an assumption on my part but with all the twitter gushing about how lucky she is and all the humiliation she’s endured at the mercy of so many of her exes, it’s hard not to jump to that conclusion – this is not a girl who behaves as though she has to be earned.

Still, for Porny, there was much to celebrate. Eric Johnson’s divorce is apparently now finalised. He’s now free on paper and a proper golddigger would propose on Valentine’s Day, with the appropriate amount of cheese and corn, followed by an announcement on Twitter. Looking forward to that.

Here she is at the Roseland Ballroom for what the paps said was a soundcheck (is she singing again?) before leaving hand in hand (and hand to mouth) to walk back to their hotel. Again, I have to keep saying this, because I really, really don’t like how this man wears his pants.

Photos from Ahmad Elatab-SaleemElatab/Jason Winslow/