Early this morning, John Mayer shared a song on Instagram. It’s called “You Are Still You”.


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A perfect title for a song performed by him, don’t you think? Because John Mayer is still John Mayer. And I was actually thinking about him this weekend while I was re-reading Jessica Simpson’s Open Book. Has John read it? 

As Maria mentioned last week in Celebrity Social Media, John was on WWHL and Andy Cohen asked him if he’s read the book. John was basically like, no, I don’t have to, because I lived it. In case you missed it, Jessica dragged him for the f-ckboy mind games he used to play with her and, obviously, he can’t deny it. 

But you know what makes him still him? Not reading it, or not admitting to reading it, makes him still him because if he doesn’t talk about it, if he ignores it, if he cops out from it, he doesn’t have to acknowledge HOW F-CKING GOOD IT IS. 

Duana and I discussed this on a recent episode of Show Your Work – Jessica Simpson is an EXCELLENT storyteller. Her memoir ranks in the top three, maybe even top two, of all celebrity memoirs released in the last decade. Hell, Duana might say the last two decades. 

But John’s the one known for his writing, right? For his lyrics and his “sensitivity”? Jessica’s the one who never thought she was smart enough for him, who was made to feel like she had to earn him, prove to him she could hang with his mind, and now she’s out here writing with more honesty and empathy and HUMOUR (she is funny!) than he thought she ever could. Of course he wouldn’t want to say that he read it. Why would he ever want to admit that she figured it out before he did? Wouldn’t that make her more intelligent – intellectually and emotionally – than he is? 

This way, then, John Mayer is still John Mayer.