Did you know this? I don’t remember knowing this. Like, at post time, which is about 4pm ET on January 12th, 2017, it’s not even on her IMDb page. Here’s a screenshot I just took:

Maybe it’s supposed to be a surprise cameo? An uncredited appearance? Well, here she is on set in New York yesterday. Zac Posen was there too. Katie and Zac have been pretty close over the last couple of years. She’s been wearing him almost exclusively on red carpets. She wore Zac Posen to the MET Gala last year. And the plot of Ocean's Eight has something to do with the MET Gala. So perhaps that’s how all of this is tying together.

Also attached – Anne Hathaway on set in a track suit. And the connection here is…?

Remember when Annie played Katie on SNL a few years ago? She did it a couple of times – first on an Ellen DeGeneres sketch and again on the Miley Cyrus Show sketch. Annie said afterwards that, of course, it was all in good fun, that what she was really doing was Joey Potter. And it’s pointless to get pissy over SNL sketches, ahem, you-know-who, but I still would love to know Katie’s thoughts on the impression. And whether or not they talked about it. Here’s a short clip below. For the full version click here. For the Miley Cyrus Show sketch, click here but it’s geo-gated for US only.


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