Anya Taylor-Joy has rapidly become a red carpet star, delivering one stunning look after another aided by her stylist, Law Roach, and the Emmys were no different. She showed up in a pale-yellow Dior gown with a bright yellow cloak which was ALL DRAMA. She wore a similar Dior ensemble to the Golden Globes, and while I give the edge to that dress—that shade of emerald!—her Emmys gown stood out the most for me. The bright yellow is on trend for the night without being exactly in the trend, as the dress itself is a pastel. And the fit! Is that dress just fully taped to her? I want to understand this engineering! The rest of the look is flawless, too. The jewelry is Tiffany, of course, as ATJ is a brand ambassador. And the hair is perfect old-school glamour, and the red lip is on point. Here’s how much I like this whole look—I don’t really even like the color yellow, and I love this.


You know what I don’t love? The cringey way the Queen’s Gambit producers talked about ATJ. First, there was series co-creator director Scott Frank’s blowhard speech when he won Outstanding Directing for a Limited Series Etc, in which he rambled on about ATJ’s face. This is not the first time he’s waxed poetic in public about ATJ’s telegenic nature, and it was creepy then, and it’s creepy now. When the series won Outstanding Limited Series Etc, Frank was not allowed to speak, and producer William Horberg took the mic. But then he, too, went on about ATJ “bringing sexy back to chess”. It was not fun for anyone to hear, and star Moses Ingram could not contain herself on stage:


Why must men talk about young women this way! Anya Taylor-Joy is a fantastic actor who gave a memorable performance, could you not find anything in that to discuss? Must it all be objectifying? She is pretty, we can see that, but we also saw her acting and it was really good and interesting! ATJ didn’t look comfortable, either, especially when Frank was rambling on and on. The Queen’s Gambit won’t be bilking its success for a second season, so the Emmys are the end of this particular road for ATJ. She won a bunch of trophies for playing Beth Harmon, though Kate Winslet got the Emmy, but at least she won’t have to sit through another cringey speech from a producer talking about how sexy she made her portrayal of addiction and self-destruction.