Paris fashion week is happening, and the Dior show is today. Here is Dior brand ambassador Anya Taylor-Joy getting ready, photographed yesterday leaving Dior HQ after, supposedly, a fitting before their show. 


To date, Anya and Dior have been a very successful partnership, with some unforgettable style moments featuring the two, notably during Anya’s awards run for The Queen’s Gambit in 2021. Of course, those looks were architected by Law Roach, who ceased being Anya’s stylist, it seemed, as soon as she got her deal with Dior.

As Lainey has noted, though, Anya hasn’t stood out quite the same way since parting with Law. Her best look in recent memory is the red feathered number from a Tiffany event earlier this year (she is also a brand ambassador for Tiffany). Like, I can’t recall a single thing she wore on the press tour for The Super Mario Bros. Movie earlier this year, yet I remember all of her awards looks from 2021. A quick google reminded me she wore a pink leather jumpsuit to the Mario premiere—this is the kind of look Law would have elevated into something more, if he even supported it in the first place. As is, it’s expensive Mario Kart cosplay.


And as for Anya’s look at the Dior show today, it’s shorts with a leather jacket and sunglasses. It is not extraordinary. Once again, I can’t help but feel Law Roach would do something more interesting with that coat than shorts and sunnies. It seems that without Law, Anya Taylor-Joy is just another fashion blonde.

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