Continuing the roundup of celebrity photos… 

It has been a GREAT summer for David Beckham. He worked behind the scenes for almost a decade to sign Lionel Messi to Inter Miami – and now it’s finally happened. Messi’s arrival in Miami was a HUGE deal, both for the club and for the MLS. The team's value went up spectacularly, but interest in the league has also soared with ticket prices going wayyyy up in other cities where Messi is expected to play when Miami is on the road. 


On the pitch though, well, he just keeps scoring and the team keeps winning– six straight games to advance to the Leagues Cup final, and if they win, it would be Inter Miami’s first trophy in the history of the club. Messi’s impact has been immediate. So it’s been good times only for David as he and Victoria have been on the Amalfi Coast the last few days with their kids, Harper and Cruz. Here they are at lunch yesterday dining at the same restaurant where we saw JLo last week

The Leagues Cup final is happening on Saturday when Miami will play Nashville. I would imagine that the Beckhams will be back in time for that? 

From Beckhams to Afflecks – I think Maria was wondering a couple of weeks ago about Casey Affleck and Caylee Cowan. Here they are grocery shopping in LA yesterday, so they are indeed still together. 


Casey’s brother, meanwhile, is back in LA following a trip abroad with his kids. He was photographed in his car leaving his office yesterday. JLo has also returned after her trips to Paris, Italy, and New York. She was papped in Beverly Hills. 

And finally, here are some shots of everybody’s favourite Toni Collette arriving back home in Sydney after spending part of the summer in Italy. She has one of those crossbody phone case and straps that Maria mentioned in one of her As Seen On posts back in June. Bandolier is the one that seems to be the most popular – I don’t yet have one myself but I have a big trip coming up in the fall and I’m definitely getting one for that.