This is so f-cking dramatic and I love her for it! Jada it taking us to the Red Table. (Read Melayna’s piece on Jada and August Alsina’s complicated history here.)


Weekend viewing: David Foster’s new documentary on Netflix. Not only is he a hit maker, but his love life is also pretty spectacular.  

Busy Philipps is absolutely right in that celebrity “challenges” are really a way for normal people to evaluate who is in a certain group, which co-stars get along, who is friends in real life… it’s standing against the wall waiting to get picked for dodgeball. 


This morning in the intro, Lainey wrote about Ghislaine Maxwell and all of her connections and I’ve also been following a shallower conversation regarding Ghislaine on Twitter: real estate. I live in Vancouver, where housing prices have long been outrageous, so all of the “a million goes so far in New Hampshire” cracked me up. A sound investment when hiding from the Feds. Beyond that, very into the Ghislaine-as-girl-boss parody – many people thought the tweet below was earnest (it’s not). Sometimes, the worry about making jokes about people in the pedo ring is that it minimizes what they did. On the flip side, diminishing Prince Andrew and Ghislaine and Epstein and Dershowitz – people who exercised immense power over the most vulnerable teen girls – is a way to pick away at their protective bubble. They went from untouchable to a Twitter punchline. And some of them are still out there knowing that, at best, their reputation will be relegated to a joke. 

Serena said “caption this” but no one can get past the cuteness. It’s like a ready-made Nike campaign.


Jamie Foxx will be playing Mike Tyson, a biopic that has been in the works for years. Seems like even with the shutdown, Jamie is still focused on it.

Jen Atkin has been called “the most influential hair stylist in the world” as she works with Chrissy Teigen, the Hadids, the Kardashians, and Katy Perry, on top of founding Oui hair care. This is what I’ve always wondered about such in-demand hair and makeup people: how do they manage their schedule during award season when everyone is going out every night? Or the Met Gala. Who gets the best appointment time if it’s between Katy and Gigi? This has to be an issue but usually, the hair and makeup people are rock-solid secret keepers. A requirement of the job is that you don’t really talk about managing clients. Will this book get into it?