I can’t click play on this fast enough. On a scale of one to 10, how sanctimonious will this be? Off the charts.


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This morning Lainey wrote about Victoria Beckham and noted that the Beckhams were just in Australia as a family (minus Brooklyn, who is working, hanging out with his friends and being 19). I would like to add, for all of the worries, that he posted a photo of her on his Instagram stories (which is rare) and the Daily Mail wrote about him at a conference on Thursday. The time change messes me up, but perhaps he’s still there finishing up some business. While they were traveling together, he was spotted buying a carrot for Victoria because she loves Australian carrots. Waiting in the car while someone fetches you a peeled carrot should be an official love language. 


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I almost want to read the Justin Timberlake book to see how bad it is. We know it will definitely be written in the first person. I, I, I, I, ME, ME, ME, ME.

I need to know if Rooney Mara knows what Instagram is. 


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There’s been some speculation that Katie Holmes and Jamie Foxx are engaged, and I think even to wonder is kind of pointless because they probably won’t confirm it. If it is true (big if – ring watch is as unreliable as bump watch) it will be her third engagement. First was to Chris Klein and they obviously never made it to the wedding. Second time – the Eifel Tower. Remember that? They made sure we knew every single detail. They described it as “magnificent” which, if memory serves, was one of their favourite descriptors. The other one was “amazing.”


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How about we get a damn date for the premiere date for the last season guys. Winter has been coming for 7 years. 


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I am very happy to see Sofia Vergara and Joe Manganiello together (and honestly I’ve never been that invested) and hope her d-ckwad ex goes broke trying to fight her. 


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Halloween is over. We do not need to talk about celebrity costumes or anything anymore but this isn’t about the costume. It’s about Jenna and Channing going trick-or-treating with their daughter. As Lainey wrote yesterday, Jenna has a new BF and went to a very public party with him. Earlier in the month, Kathleen wrote about Channing and Jesse J (are they still together? Who knows.) Before that, on September 26, I wrote about Channing and Jenna priming us (with a few positively planted stories) to be prepared for when they start dating publicly again. The way they have handled their separation and divorce (Jenna officially filed for divorce a few days ago, it was barely a blip) could be a case study for other couples, especially if one person is considerably less famous than the other. Jenna hasn’t been overshadowed by him in all this. And it seems like she’s working more than ever. 



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