Hugh Jackman is getting some very rare negative attention for hanging out with Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner. They are tight, and have been for a very long time.  The fact that they have maintained their friendship should not be a surprise: Wendi Deng is the rich glue that holds them all together


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Rami Malek only has three photos on his Instagram feed (from 2016, 2017, and this week) and two are with Stephen Colbert. The only thing to do now is a “talk show host” series. I’ve decided that should be his Instagram aesthetic.


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It’s November 2 and I’m still being flooded with images from Halloween. It’s done. Over. I do not need to see another Elton John or family of superheroes. The sooner we accept that it’s Christmas now, the better. 


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Halle Berry and her trainer have used Instagram for “PHIT Talks.” I appreciate women like Halle (and Jennifer Lopez) who talk about their workouts. Remember how female celebrities used to have to pretend they stuffed themselves with pizza and French fries as a shortcut to being “relatable”? This, Halle Berry pulling out her cookbooks, is actually much more relatable than that whole era. 


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A few weeks back a reader called Mei-Lu wrote me a very insightful email about David Foster, recounting his love of appearing on reality TV and his negative on-screen charisma. He’s filming a documentary right now. Is this it – does David just really want to be followed around by cameras all the time? Do you think he and Katherine McPhee will film the wedding? It’s definitely possible. 


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Nicole Richie is launching a lifestyle line, Wylde Honey, on November 15. I think Nicole Richie has great style but I don’t know if I consider her a designer despite her House of Harlow line. HoH is about 10 now and has quietly gone through a change – the clothing is only available on Revolve, while the jewellery is more widely distributed. This new line (loungewear, accessories, beauty) will have an experimental aspect – it will be shop-able video. You watch the video, then hover your cursor over the product you want. It’s an interesting concept but I get the idea that this is fashion’s way of trying to “pivot to video.” Pivoting to video is in part what has decimated online magazines, with publishers looking for a formula to monetize eyeballs. It has been an epic failure. And with Instagram being so accessible and easy to shop, are fashion videos alluring? We will see. I’ll check back on November 15. 


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