Doja Cat called some of her followers “creepy” and a bunch unfollowed her and she posted a story about it, saying she feels she “slayed a beast.” Was her delivery the cleanest? No, but it needed to be blunt because some fandoms hear what they want to hear. 


They interpret every move an artist makes to be for them and about them. We have seen over and over the kind of entitlement that leads to, and the object of their obsession is a catalyst and excuse for their petty squabbles and in-fighting and online drama.


Here’s some credit where credit is due: way back around the Emmys/Golden Globes, DeuxMoi posted a blind (which are not verified at all) about an actor’s wife stepping out with a director and the details were so specific that it led many to guess it was Jeremy Allen White, Addison Timlin and Cooper Raiff (who directed Addison’s best friend Dakota Johnson in Cha Cha Real Smooth). As we know, Jeremy and Addison split, there was a bit of Instagram drama, and now they seem friendly. He is making out on the street with a model and Addison has recently been cast in a new TV show. Cooper Raiff is the lead actor, director and writer. All’s well that ends well?


This cover is doing a lot. I don’t think anyone thinks they know Sofia Richie Grainge? It’s not like she’s disliked or trash talked or underestimated. We definitely are not claiming to know her!


Catfishing and scams have been around longer than dial up, but this story about a woman who left her husband and paid a scammer $10k thinking he was Billy from Stranger Things is something else. This brings me to the greatest catfishing story of all time, in my opinion. It happened pre-internet, on the phone!, and involved a mysterious woman and Hollywood’s biggest stars. If you don’t know Miranda, this is an interesting read.


Actors are still allowed to do sponsored posts, so this video of Jennifer Garner and Jenna Ortega for Neutrogena doesn’t break any rules. But the spirit of the strike is something else, right? Like we know Jennifer and Jenna are not financially suffering like the other 95% of union members so while no rules are technically broken, I wonder if there was a discussion about the timing of it. That said, this stuck out to me because it’s not their own brand – everyone from JLo to Gwyneth Paltrow to Kate Hudson to Selena Gomez have promoted their own lines. It is separate from acting work and being on set, but it’s also a grey area because these sponsorships exist because they are famous. The work they do on Instagram goes hand-in-hand with their “real” work as actors.