Earlier this week, I posted about Drake being spotted outside of a Vancouver Cactus Club (an upscale chain restaurant) and it turns out, he couldn’t go in because too many fans saw him. So he made his demands from his hotel window: four bellinis, delivered frozen in a glass. He even specified the red top. Cactus Club came through (obviously) and this is the perfect ending to this story. 


Drake is pop music’s Cactus Club and if you’ve ever been to one, you know exactly what I mean. 

Drake's Cactus Club bellinis

Gwyneth Paltrow has seen the headlines about her grey roots and in an Instagram live, asked if she should keep the grey or go back to blonde. That wasn’t the funniest part of the live though – that was when she told Marvel fans to stop yelling at her. As has been established, Gwyneth doesn’t know anything about Marvel and half the time didn’t even know what movie she was in. 


Taylor Swift has been a pop megastar for a long time but there’s something about The Eras Tour that’s clicking in a different way – she is everywhere, all the time and it’s because of her work. The big screen experience makes a lot of sense as it opens up her concert to fans that won’t have access to a live show and it’s a great way to bridge those worlds. Great for theatres, too. 


If it seems like your feed has been taken over by Celsius energy drink, you are not alone. A ton of influencers and celebrities have been promoting it over the summer, especially at concerts. It’s been really effective (sales are through the roof), and its latest event was with David Dobrick. Pickleball, influencers and an energy drinks – that’s a very specific audience target.

Selena Gomez posted, then quickly deleted, about Only Murders in the Building after people commented it could be in violation of strike rules. 


Keith Urban went through a bit of trouble to help someone propose at his concert – he tracked the guy down in the crowd and even handed out his mic. That’s a good sport. And a sign is a normal way to get a performer’s attention. No need to throw things at their head.

Anne Hathaway can’t promote any of her acting work right now but she is working with Shiseido. This Vogue video is very charming, she has a very playful cadence to her voice when she turns it on. If Twitter wasn’t such a sh-t show we’d all be enjoying Anne’s purple power suit together.