The Ariana Grande drama has died down considerably and she’s back on Instagram – with restricted comments. 


The Victoria’s Secret rebrand away from the Angels era (which “officially” ended in 2021) has been a bit of a non-starter because of a few factors, including loss of marketshare to upstart brands, COVID, a scathing documentary and a continued retail downturn. Clearly the brand is not giving up because its latest campaign features Naomi Campbell, Gisele (a BIG deal), Adriana Lima, Hailey Bieber and more. An investment is being made to bring the brand into 2023 and by some metrics, the comeback is well underway.


There were some pap shots of Ryan Gosling and Eva Mendes at the beach and Ryan was helping Eva’s mom and that probably feels invasive to them, considering how careful they are not to invite that kind of attention. That’s the trade-off of being in the movie of the summer and while Ryan has been enthusiastic about the promo, it’s about the job. Now that Barbie is a bonafide smash, I could see him going quiet for a very long time. Except he has another big budget movie up next in The Fall Guy. 


Whitney Port has a podcast and on it she’s been talking about issues with her weight and health and it’s really interesting because the conversation around eating disorders is still quite binary: many people are familiar with anorexia and bulimia, but disordered eating is a much more grey area, as is orthorexia. Both of those issues can be covered up (and even encouraged) by the wellness industry. Whitney is working through a lot of these issues in real time and publicly, which is very honest of her. 


After skipping Paris Fashion Week this season and taking some time away, Bella Hadid has shared details of a long chronic health struggle. For those of us who watched her mom on Real Housewives this is no surprise - Yolanda had multiple health issues she traced back to chronic Lyme disease and spoke about Bella and Anwar’s medical issues as well. And I like the way she closed out her message – “I’ll be back when I’m ready.” Anyone who is sick should get that time.