Lainey beat me to Bradley Cooper this morning (she always beats me in the morning) and Gigi showed up at his food truck while her brand, Guest in Residence, posted a photo of him in stories (that has either been taken down or expired). They are definitely showing up for each other. 


Billy Eichner gave Mariah Carey an excellent gift and she showed it off on Instagram, including his inscription. When the Queen of Christmas deems you worthy of the feed (not just a story!) you know you’ve done good. 


Tony Hawk wished his son a happy birthday and that family seems very nice and cool but OMG we get to see Frances Bean Cobain’s wedding dress. It’s absolutely lovely. And while Frances has gone out of her way to not be part of the fame cycle, if her father-in-law posted this I feel like she’s ok with us seeing it. 


Speaking of Frances, her mom Courtney Love has taken a very long break from social media. It’s been at least 6 months I think. She is reportedly getting ready to release a new album so perhaps is focusing on that. Or maybe she just needed a break from doom scrolling. Nothing wrong with that. 

Ariana Grande teased new music and she should have a lot of songwriting inspiration right now, with a divorce and falling in love (seemingly at the same time). I’m curious as to how she will hype her new work – will it be a surprise drop, a full court press of promo (which will be tricky, considering her personal life) or social media announcements (like the way Taylor’s Versions have been rolled out)? And who is managing her right now?


Back to wedding dresses: Vogue covered Vanessa Hudgens’ and Cole Tucker’s recent wedding and personally I’m not into looking at décor or place settings but I am interested in wedding dresses. Vanessa wore two Vera Wang dresses and I much prefer the one for the ceremony, with the spaghetti straps and the long veil. For the evening reception, she went with a strapless dress that is pretty much a staple now. To some it’s common, to others it’s classic. 


There’s a growing debate about Emily Ratajkowski’s photoshoot for M Le magazine. Is this a commentary on the fashion industry using slim women to model plus size clothing? I don’t know. Model Tabria Majors’s caption points out issues in the industry (Ozempic and plus size erasure) as well as her lived experience as a model. Curious to see if Emily responds. She is very online and has a podcast so there’s no way she hasn’t see this.