Lourdes Leon was denied entry to the Marc Jacobs show and I don’t understand how. Did she forget to RSVP and they were over capacity? Was it that she had a friend with her and there was only space for one? I don’t know, but the look is Marc Jacobs so at some point, there was a plan for her to be there. But she didn’t pull any “Do you know who I am?” even as the paps are chanting. 

Lourdes Leon's Instagram story

“There’s not one person going to a Highly Flying Birds gig or a Liam Gallagher gig that would not rather be at an Oasis gig.” Matt Healy kisses fans and tells the truth!

Portia de Rossi surprised Ellen DeGeneres with a vow renewal officiated by Kris Jenner. It was attended by their long-time friends like Jennifer Aniston, Courteney Cox, Orlando Bloom, Katy Perry, Gwyneth Paltrow, Carol Burnett (!!!) and new friends Harry and Meghan. Ellen’s show ended with a whimper and a bruised public opinion but as for her star power, it runs deep. And I have a theory about it: Ellen and Portia are real estate movers and shakers and often play host. Other celebrities probably go to them all the time for advice on real estate and which contractors to use and questions about investment properties etc. – they are connectors. And that’s an important inside role. 

This TikTok killed me because celebrity Wiki photos are a hot mess. Most of the pictures are unflattering, outdated and just generally a bizarre choice. Is it because of photo rights? I have no idea but I have another example: noted hunk Jon Bernthal makes social media feral and look at his Wiki photo. I’m laughing just imaging Sarah seeing this. 


If you’ve ever been photographed mid-sneeze at a Comic Con panel in 2014, I’m gonna upload it

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Tommy Lee’s latest wife Brittany Furlan tried to come for Pamela Anderson and it’s like, PLEASE. Pamela is a blueprint, not a facsimile. 

Jay Ellis said he has no information on a Top Gun: Maverick sequel but he did say they have a robust group chat. I need to know if Tom Cruise is on it. What kind of texter is Tom Cruise? Lots of fire and laughing face emojis? (Also, Jay Ellis is the only man on the planet who can wear a turtleneck with a gold chain and NOT look like The Rock.)