As Gwen Stefani prepares for Coachella with No Doubt, she’s also releasing an album with her husband. The 70s décor is spot-on, all they are missing is wood paneling. 


There was so much Grammy news this year that I’m still catching up on people who were there but not part of the big moments. And it got me thinking about Chrissy Teigen and John Legend who are popular but have lost a bit of their shine, I think? They are still famous of course. But they are also really accessible and attend a ton of events and are all over social media. It’s not super obvious overexposure, more like a steady drip of it. We don’t ever need to look for them they are always just there.


Big fashion news – Zac Posen is heading to the Gap and Old Navy. He closed his atelier in 2019 and since then has had some issues with the license of his name. I admit I’m already partial to the Gap (hello Gen X) and I think it has taken bigger chances than most retailers. Plus, its stuff used to be so well made. I think mall brands like this could be really good again and really curb the appetite for fast fashion, which is completely out of control and extremely detrimental to the earth. Who will we see in his first pieces? Katie Holmes is my guess. They are tight.


Cara Delevingne is joining the cast of Cabaret in London for a short stint. She is an interesting celebrity because whenever I read an interview with her I think hmmmm… not much going on there. But maybe she’s just guarded in public because she is friends with EVERYONE (including Rihanna), she’s invited to everything, she has so many overlapping circles in fashion, music, film and society. She is popular and more than that, she is trusted. A lot of friends will make it to London to support her.


Taylor Swift’s team is attempting to legally intimidate Jack Sweeney, a college student who tracks private jets. This is all publicly available information and as I understand it (and you can correct us), he is not breaking any laws. Her team is using the fact that she has stalkers (which is definitely true) for the reasoning, alleging that it makes her less safe when people know where her jet is. There is precedent for this type of cease and desist: Elon Musk has done this too and had the account banned from Twitter. He also said it was because of stalking concerns and made some convoluted allegations that were never backed up. The stalkers are the major concern. That said, it’s not just stalkers who track her jet – it’s also her fans. They track it all the time. They were tracking it for sure when they were trying to find out when she and Travis started dating. Does the cease and desist apply to Swifties? 


Is the Charli D’Amelio and Landon Barker breakup like the Bennifer of Gen Z? I have no idea how popular these two are as a couple. 


Say what you want about SKIMS but marketing department is always on time.