What is the Jason Mantzoukas couple doing for the holidays? If you don’t remember, it was a Reddit thread about a husband who was catfishing his wife as her celebrity hall pass, Jason Mantzoukas. I think about them all the time.


Will the summer of 2021 belong to Zola? The studio is holding out for a theatre release even though the film premiered, and was reviewed, at Sundance in January of this year. (THR, Variety, and IndieWire were some of the publications that covered it.) But with so many movies skipping theatres and moving directly to streaming, what is the reasoning for holding off for summer? June seems so far away, but so does herd immunity. I hope we are sitting in an airconditioned theatre safely sharing popcorn with someone by then, I just don’t know how likely it is. And with audiences accustomed to getting what they want on Netflix, Hulu, Prime and now HBO Max, what’s the benefit of holding off?

This reads like someone trying to reach a word count on a term paper. 


Sunday night should be a sacred time of dreading Monday and watching Real Housewives of Potomac, but Elle disrupted that when it dropped a story about Christie Smythe, a journalist who fell in love with trolling pharma-bro Martin Shkreli and left her job at Bloomberg and her husband to be with him. The whole story is meant to elicit a big response but I couldn’t connect with her. Nothing about her story struck me as needing a larger cultural context or discussion. That’s certainly what she wants though – the conversation. Buzz for the book and movie deal. She also said that Shkreli has cut off contact with her so this is a way for her to get his attention. Before you ask, yes she has friends – some are even quoted in this story.


JLo got the mustard adidas x Ivy Park set. This is the same sweater Drew Barrymore received and neither did an unboxing, which made me think it didn’t come in that big rolling trunk case like the first drop. JLo is second tier? That doesn’t happen often.

I’m about halfway through The Flight Attendant and it’s campy and fun and yes, Kaley Cuoco’s coat game is strong. Her wardrobe helps build her character as a glamorous international party girl who is internally shame-spiralling. Her hair is part of this too, the curtain bangs, which fit in with her work life and help her look pulled together even when she’s panicking. If things were “normal,” the aesthetic of this show would be inspiring tons of trend pieces. 


TikTokkers love Frankie, the fourth JoBro who never slipped on a purity ring. 

This is a pregnancy announcement? It is. I had to triple check because it looks like a poster for a Fast & Furious knock off. 

“I’m practicing radical honestly right now.”