Kaley Cuoco has absolutely no chill about her Golden Globe nomination, which is a million times better than when actors pretend they were asleep when their publicist called. 


Miranda Lambert has been traveling around the American south with her husband. Someone commented in this that they weren’t wearing masks and she said it’s because she didn’t want to take a picture with a mask on. Multi-stop travel and limited mask wearing? Quite a choice.

Priyanka Chopra is someone who is always photographed dressed glamorously on the red carpet. She does gowns, big time, but I can’t recall any of her street style looks. I like what she did here in Elle – it’s kind of giving me Flashdance vibes. 


When I read about Rebel Wilson and her boyfriend breaking up I wasn’t surprised – she posted this in mid-January. 

Usually a red dress doesn’t do it for me but this Roland Mouret on Juliette Lewis is so charming. Juliette is such an interesting actress because she’s been around forever (she started working in films as a child), knows everyone, is a part-time rock star, and lives her life completely out of the tabloids (except for when vintage photos of her and Brad Pitt pop up). I wonder if she’s ever considered writing her memoirs because there are stories to be told. Maybe she’s waiting until she’s in her 50s. 


JLo threw back to her Super Bowl performance with some behind-the-scenes. I love when Emme runs up to her and JLo tells her to look at the camera and Emme is like, ya mom I know. 

Some celebrities, like Steve Martin and Martha Stewart, qualify for the vaccine in their area because of their age, which they have to remind people of in the comments. And sometimes those people comment “I didn’t realize you were so old” which just seems unnecessary. 

Martin Short always gets prime placement here. And Sting with his crossword. 

Seth Rogen is a prolific screenwriter and now essayist. Last week, there was a writing tips prompt on Twitter, encouraging people share their advice. Seth offered lots of advice (in between roasting Ted Cruz) on everything from outlining to writer’s block. He responded to questions so it’s not threaded, but if you are interested go to his Twitter profile and click “Tweets and Replies” and scroll back a few days. 


Julie Bowen does not need to worry about this nice weather lasting. I grew up in Vancouver and still live here, trust me, the rain will be back soon.

Pamela Anderson’s wedding (which I wrote about here) is featured as a photo spread at PEOPLE today. A couple of days after my original post, Lainey updated on the situation with Pam’s new husband and a story that ran in The Sun about him abandoning his family for her. I’ve also gotten emails from locals in the area (shout out to Ladysmith!) with similar details. Pam forges on through the messiness as she always does. PEOPLE doesn’t have the scoop here, so they probably didn’t want to pay as much as the Daily Mail was offering. Pam, who left social media, is not new to the game. She chose PEOPLE and its readership to share details about her intimate wedding quite on purpose.