Sean Spicer has resigned. We’ll always have, “That was the largest audience to witness an inauguration, period.” And the hiding in the bushes – remember when he hid in the bushes? Melissa is on vacation but I’ll bet she pops up for a farewell when SNL starts up again.


Ciao from Roma!!!

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After a 3-week break, presumably for her honeymoon, Jessica Chastain is back on Instagram. Jessica’s public persona is a lot like Kerry Washington’s – there’s a focus on her work and supporting projects she cares about, she’s forthcoming in interviews and active on social media, and she’s also a fashion darling. And they both keep their private life very private. But will she be breaking with this strategy now that she’s married?

Oh lord how long until the lower-tier tabloids latch onto a Justin Theroux-Olivia Munn story?

I completely forgot about Brad and Angelina’s Château Miraval! I did a quick search and it looks like they still own it – I don’t know how easy it is to unload an estate of that size. But what happened to the staff that makes the wine, do they just carry on business as usual?


#WineOClock ๐Ÿท

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Mindy is kind of f-cking with everyone on Twitter. She knows what we want to know and she’s not telling. And maybe she’s enjoying it a little, which makes it even better.

Dwyane Wade commented “Competition is good.” Do you think the Wades strategize together? I do.

Is HGTV the greatest hatewatch channel of our time? If you aren’t a believer, try a marathon. I would suggest Tiny House Hunters. “Wow it’s so spacious.” IT'S A 250 SQUARE FOOT HOME FOR 4 PEOPLE NO IT’S NOT.

I think Kevin Hart is trying to tell us that he didn’t bone that woman in the back of the car in Miami.

Why is he shaking his own hand.


Thank you all for the love...

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