Zendaya is part of Team Dune, nominated for ten Oscars, so she could be at the Oscars next Sunday repping the film. That’s my segue to get to Nicole Kidman who’s nominated for Best Actress for her performance as Lucille Ball but has missed a few pre-Oscar events because of a reaggravated torn hamstring. She has another ten days to recover and it’s been a couple of weeks already and I can’t imagine she’d skip out on the Oscars proper…but it might affect the wardrobe options. Wearing heels with a torn hamstring… does that make it worse or better? A good hamstring stretch comes when flexed feet, would heels actually not hurt as much? 


Jessica Chastain, also a Best Actress nominee, will be at the Producers Guild Awards this weekend as a presenter. The PGAs are usually quite accurate at predicting Best Picture, will be interesting where the momentum swings as Oscar voting happens today. Right now, in her category, Jessica has a slight lead. She’s been working on a new project so she hasn’t been as visible on the campaign circuit but she’s definitely staying connected on social media. 


Have you ever seen Sam Richardson pissed off? Can you even picture it? He’s quite through most of this video, but when he finally says something, everybody loses it. Which tells you how funny he is, and how funny his peers think he is. 

A kid asked Ryan Reynolds a really good question. And he gave a really good answer. I especially love how amused Jennifer Garner is when she hears what the boy is curious about. 


Eight people were killed a year ago yesterday in Atlanta, the victims of a hate crime. Simu Liu remembers them, and reminds us that people of East Asian descent are still being targeted. He’s also encouraging people to see Turning Red and supporting Ms Marvel. Because stories build empathy. And stories about people whose experiences may be different can broaden our perspectives. 

Yesterday in this space I posted about BTS’s V hitting into a golf simulator. He also answered a fan question on social media about when he’ll be releasing a solo album – it’ll be some time this year. V has released several singles over the last couple of years, including his last solo song “Christmas Tree” (from the soundtrack of the drama series Our Beloved Summer – it’s on Netflix and it’s such a good show) which was a digital sales chart-topper in multiple countries including the US, but never an album. Expect it to be big.


Spider-Man: No Way Home is now on digital which comes with all kinds of extras that you don’t get in theatres. Like behind-the-scenes moments and bloopers and also a feature with Tom Holland, Zendaya, and Jacob Batalon watching back their audition videos. The auditions themselves are adorable and great but what’s obviously the most appealing is their reactions to each other because you can tell how close they are, how much fun they have together, which of course carries onto the screen and through their characters. For Tomdaya or Zomdaya shippers, it’s also some insight into their relationship, which we knew already – a lot of it is just them cracking up at each other.