The big story in social media today is that Chrissy Teigen has left Twitter, seemingly for good. In her tweet thread and on Instagram, she wrote that it doesn’t serve her and she’s too invested in whether or not people like her. When someone says they are disappointed in her (which has been happening a lot since her new company with Kris Jenner was announced) it hurts her. She had a great run and one day when there’s a Twitter Museum of Likes, she will be featured prominently. Beyond that, there’s not much to analyze or look at here because her decision is her decision.


A Succession spoiler coming up, I guess? I don’t really know. You’ve been warned.

Does this mean that Kendall wrested control of Waystar Royco from Logan? Because how else would Greg be employed when he not only provided the documents but handed them out to the media? To quote Kieran Shipka quoting Greg the Egg, “If it is to be said, so be it, so it is.”

Someone tweeted me about the boots GP had on, asking for the brand. I had already checked – Tod’s and they are available here.   


How joyous is this cover of icon Buffy Sainte-Marie? I learned so much about her from this profile by Andrea Warner. From her adoption to Sesame Street to the Oscars to pioneering electronica music, this woman lives her life. 

Speaking of icons in their 80s, Jane Fonda for Harper’s Bazaar. Hot damn. The article is written by Durga Chew-Bose so that is an immediate click for me.


Elizabeth Chambers is slowly easing back onto Instagram as the bakery chain she co-owns expands to Denver. Obviously this has to be really f-cking difficult time for her but hopefully work is a good distraction and is fruitful because one of the many things that came out about Armie Hammer’s behaviour is that he spends wildly and is broke (he often had his dates pay for him). Now Elizabeth has to untangle those finances from him. 

Britney Spears has been posting a lot about the colour “red” (not sure what that means) and then this photo album. I will go through what I know and if I missed something, I’m sure I will be filled in: Sharon Stone has supported Britney in her comments (see the screenshot here); Natalie Portman and Britney have known each other for years and are friends; Sarah Jessica Parker tweeted “#freebritney”; her sister is obviously in her corner; Miley and Noah Cyrus have been #freebritney supporters for a while; and the last one is Instagram influencer Tawny Janae and I don’t know how she fits in to all this. Do you?


Have you read Water for Elephants or watched the movie? By the time I texted this story about author Sara Gruen written by her friend Abbot Kahler to Lainey yesterday, she had already read it (she’s always way ahead of me). I am still processing all the details but I don’t think it will end as an article; I see a podcast coming. Reese Witherspoon starred in the movie – I wonder if she’s going to option this story for a series.