This post has been floating around social media – it’s an influencer (with 2.5 million followers) who had to cancel a clothing line because it didn’t sell the minimum 36 pieces. Is there a disconnect between how many followers you have and whether or not they’ll support you? Is the Instagram spon-con bubble going to burst? And if it does, what will take its place? What will happen to the celebs who have turned #ads into a lucrative side gig? (Also I was going to post a photo of Iggy Azalea to go with this and her Instagram has been deleted. Hmmm.)


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As Lainey posted today, David Beckham laced up for his old team. His entire family was watching, including Brooklyn, though he didn’t post about the event. It was David’s birthday a few weeks ago and Brooklyn didn’t post about that, either (though he did attend the celebration dinner). The Sun (I know, I know) reported that Brooklyn and his girlfriend Hana Cross had an argument in Cannes and had to be separated by security (though the fight was not physical). Brooklyn’s parents are said to be growing “frustrated” with the relationship. Brooklyn is 20, so he’s not going to listen to his parents about anything, especially his girlfriend. The Beckhams are OK, but are David and Brooklyn in a father/son freeze?


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Matt Damon loves a talk show bit – he’s had one going with Jimmy Kimmel for years. He should definitely go on Kelly Clarkson’s new daytime show, which starts in September.


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Lainey wrote about Justin and Hailey’s one year anniversary and there was another one year this weekend: Nick and Priyanka. It was the one year anniversary of them dating, which feels impossible. It feels like it’s been 10 years.


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Jennifer Love Hewitt said she is working on a TV version of Heartbreakers (very underrated movie) that she would produce. Considering how hot scammer stories are right now it could work.


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Adrien Brody was in Cannes for the amfAR Gala – I think he’s pretty much a regular there every year, for the parties. He’s been known to bro-down with Leo at art festivals, but he isn’t an official member of the Wolf Pack. Orlando Bloom is pretty tight with Leo, so what happens to his spot now that Orlando is engaged to a woman who is over the age of 25 and very famous? Could they just swap him for Adrien?


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Tevas are the new Birks (a terribly uncool sandal that has somehow become so trendy they’re worn at fashion week and knocked off by designers). I can’t decide if I can do it. Some people (you know who you are) think it can’t be done. It’s a lot of foot. But look at the way Brie Larson styles it – cute right? 


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