Halloween has evolved (or devolved?) into people dressing up as celebrities and celebrities dressing up as TV characters. There was a lot of that. Here’s a 3-for-1. 


Kevin Hart is dressed as Eddie Murphy in the "Remember the Time" video with his wife Eniko Hart as Iman. But they took it one step further and hired a Michael Jackson impersonator for the costume and really without him, I don’t know if the  "Remember the Time" reference would be top of mind. So how does it work – you pay the guy by the hour to come take some photos for Instagram? Or do you hire him for the whole night to walk around with you? They also hosted a Boomerang party and Kevin dressed as Eddie again. Has he ever done Eddie in Delirious, the red suit? Maybe next year. 

Then there are celebrities dressed as musicians. Ciara went over-the-top extra. This is a professional job. What is this Halloween budget looking like? Hailey Baldwin posted several iconic Britney looks and Rihanna dressed as rapper Gunna. 


I was kind of surprised to see Orlando Bloom and Katy Perry in this costume. They really went for it and the comments are a hot mess because in addition to being a general pain in the ass and the worst spellers (always “aloud” instead of “allowed), antivaxxers have no sense of humour. 

There’s been a cyber security breach on a high-end jeweler and the hackers might now have access to files on Oprah, the Beckhams, Tom Hanks etc. This isn’t great and probably very stressful for the jewelry company, but it’s not a crisis for the celebrities mentioned. These are retail records, not tax statements. The most it will show is their address and how much money they spent. No one is going to be surprised about that. The Daily Mail is spinning it into “what if someone bought a gift for their mistress!” and yes maybe that would happen, but they probably wouldn’t want that on their official file anyway and would have taken steps to have someone else purchase it.  


Does Gwyneth Paltrow remember anyone in this photo? Or filming this movie? Or the name of the movie? Her disengagement from the Marvel universe is one of my favourite things about her. 

Fans of Natural Born Killers might want to check out Juliette Lewis’s Instagram stories right now as she’s diving deep into how she created Mallory. She also said a book could be next.