Mariah Carey is loving Billy on the Street and she would be an amazing guest. Legendary! The only issue is that part of being a guest involves running alongside Billy as he accosts people on the street. Running is a key part of the comedy, and we know Mimi doesn’t run. Could she make an exception and trot? It would obviously be a huge sacrifice on her part, an effort that would take months to recover from, but it is Mimi season. She may have extra energy.

Kate Hudson and her brother are launching their podcast, Sibling Revelry. Of course the guest list is major: Jimmy Kimmel, Chelsea Handler, Lisa Ling. Who do you think is the most famous person Kate Hudson could pull? Has Brad Pitt ever been on a podcast? That would be huge get. I could see them being friendly. Remember that dumb rumour that Kate and Brad were dating? Poor quality gossip. 


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Harry Styles will pull double duty on SNL on November 16, the same day his album drops. There’s going to be so much Gucci on this promo tour. Like a Gucci explosion.


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Chelsea Handler has always been pretty open about her love of cannabis/CBD/hemp and is now a “green entrepreneur.” The magazine headline mentions the “stigma” around it, but do women like Chelsea suffer from the social stigma around drug use? Or the punitive aspects of it? Will Chelsea Handler ever be scared that she, or her friends or family, will go to jail for marijuana use?

You can get CBD everything now, from serum to suppositories. There’s CBD yoga and CBD bath bombs, and it’s been covered in Vogue and everywhere else. The whole industry is built around appealing to women like Chelsea. 


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There was a major showing at Gwen Stefani’s Vegas show over the weekend: Gayle King, Dasha Zhukova, Karlie Kloss and Natalie Massenet (the founder of Net-a-Porter) and the Foster sisters. And peep who’s in the back. Wendi Deng. She’s blonde now! Did you know that Derek Blasberg is the “media and social consultant” for Succession? This picture is why he’s qualified to do that job. Shiv Roy would fit right in with this crowd (not that she would want to).


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Angie Beyince is Beyoncé’s cousin and was the VP of Parkwood Entertainment. She posted photos from a Halloween party – check the tags. Beyoncé did not skip Halloween, which means there are photos that will be dropped. We just don’t know when.


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