There’s no shortage of “secret relationship” fandoms, from Robsten to Kaylor. But have you heard of Olitz? It’s Olivia + Fitz from Scandal. Obviously they are aware and every once in a while Kerry Washington gives them something to talk about. And one thing we know about these types of fandoms is that they read into every teeny thing but this is not a teeny thing. It’s a tease. And if they were really in a super-secret relationship, why would they flaunt it? 


So a curious story in the Daily Mail about how JLo has helped Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner get to a better co-parenting place. It does seem like they are all in a great place and I think, with or without JLo, Ben and Jen appear to work really hard on their co-parenting relationship. Where did this story come from? My theory is this: there were photos of Ben and Jen chatting in their car that some tabloids described as “intimate.”. It looked like a friendly hug, something they’ve been photographed doing many times. The word “intimate” has a connotation and the DM piece seems like an answer to that. I can’t tell if this is a story that was floated by their team or if the DM just pulled it out of thin air. I’m leaning towards the latter because even though these three of course know how the game is played, I don’t think they want to play it against each other. 


OK I had no idea Ed Sheeran introduced Courteney Cox to her boyfriend Johnny McDaid. 


And you know who introduced Courteney Cox to Ed Sheeran? Christa Miller, who is married to producer Bill Lawrence. They are extremely well-connected and after taking their daughter to one of Ed’s gigs, brought him to a party at Courteney’s house. 

I totally get what look Cindy Crawford was going for here but the jeans need to be a touch shorter, right? Jeans with heels always run the risk of looking at little “boot cut” so shortening these to the ankles would have made it look a little more contemporary. 


Earlier this week, I posted about Victoria Beckham getting back to perfume and she’s launching more than one – Suite 302 is about her and David’s love of Paris. I wonder if a men’s fragrance is in the works? As they’ve branched out, David has licensed his name and Victoria has built her own brand. The business models are quite different but this was definitely intentional. 


Patrick J. Adams erroneously posted some throwbacks to his Suits days and apologized for violating the spirit of the strike. Obviously this is unintentional so I’m curious as to how the UK tabloids will find a way to blame Meghan Markle for it.