Derek Blasberg has launched a fashion and beauty vertical over at YouTube, which is confusing, because I thought he already did that? He’s been busy procuring talent like Victoria Beckham, Naomi Campbell and Gwyneth Paltrow, but I guess this is a more formal place that will integrate fashion houses, runway shows, and beauty vloggers. The challenge of doing fashion at YouTube is similar to the problem of selling clothes on Amazon – the platforms are too big to offer anything truly stylish or covetable, the aesthetic is cheap, there is too much content to scroll through and if something does happen to go viral (like the video of Naomi wiping down the airplane), the content is aggregated on a million other sites. It’s hard to be a corporate behemoth and tap into what is cool at the same time. But, no one is as capable of bringing in top-tier talent as Derek Blasberg so I’m curious if his “pivot to video” will pay off for him.


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Maybe it’s where I live, but I’ve never found the “DMV” (it’s called the drivers services center here) to be that bad? Is this an American thing? It’s like the post office. The service is pleasantly efficient whenever I use it. 


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Have you watched Liv Tyler’s home tour video yet? She seems sweet but the whole thing is a little off-kilter, like the giggle at the end of every breathy sentence. And it seems like maybe this is her home (judging by the LOTR storage) but she doesn’t live there? It’s like she was kind of guessing about the whole thing and surprised the doors didn’t work. 

Since the Elvis biopic was cast, I haven’t heard much about it, but there is a report that Priscilla Presley will be involved in it. This is a relief. How can you tell Elvis’s story without Satnin? I need to comb some used bookstores for Elvis & Me. When I visited the Elvis Honeymoon House in Palm Springs, they had a copy on the nightstand and I asked them to sell it to me and they declined. The proprietor said to check on eBay for copies. Not the same thing. (Lainey: I have multiple copies, ha!)


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While the world has a little less Renner in it, it’s the dawn of a new day. Keep your eyes on the #glowinghorizon.