Sofia Richie and Jaden Smith? If in fact they are dealing with each other, I’m very into it. This is next generation gossip that has pedigree and, for lack of a better word, entanglements. They are both 22, very into fashion, come from famous families and have a lot of overlapping friends. I imagine that if it is true, her family is secretly (or not-so-secretly) thrilled that she’s no longer attached to a Kardashian B plot.


Niecy Nash’s joyful wedding is getting the PEOPLE treatment and for those of us (like me) who wanted to know how the relationship grew, Niecy goes into detail. And then there’s the shoes – I love sneakers at a wedding. We should see more sneakers at formal parties, particularly for after the reception and photos, when people are supposed to celebrate and dance. 

Drake’s son is in preschool! Adonis is so cute and already looks over it. His mom Sophie also posted about it (note: Adonis’s clothes are different, Sophie is in the classroom and her location tag indicates they are in France, which makes me think Drake used one from the camera roll). Both parents tagged each other in the photos, which is definitely a sign co-parenting is going smoothly. Side note: in the second photo from Sophie, you can see the some of the children’s names posted on the board, like Maddox and Keira. There’s also a “Bobby,” a name you don’t see a lot these days. It does have some pep to it and is gender neutral – could Bobby be making a comeback or did it never go away? Need Duana’s input. 


Yesterday I wrote about Liam Gallagher referring to Noel as a “balloon knot,” thinking it was a quirky insult. What did balloon knots every do to Liam? Well a reader called Laura wrote in to tell me that her husband said “balloon knot” means butthole. BUTTHOLE. Liam Gallagher is 47 years old and was part of one of the most influential rock bands of his generation and he is still calling his big brother a butthole!!!!! This is why the Gallaghers are undefeated. (Thank you to Laura and her husband.)

I’m a follower of Reddit’s AITA (am I the asshole) forum and this Jason Mantzoukas one has gone viral (Lainey posted about it yesterday in What Else?). Basically, a husband said his wife’s hall pass is Jason Mantzoukas, partly because she went to the same university as him (a decade apart). The husband created a fake uni email and started emailing her as Jason, and now she’s sending nudes and wants to get dicked down by one of the hottest comedic actors working today. Look, AITA readers are very aware that a lot of posts are by trolls and this might be a fake but… what if is real, with a twist? What if Jason Mantzoukas is catfishing us as a husband catfishing his wife as Jason Mantzoukas? Think about it. It would be great character exploration. 


The calendar still says summer but Taraji’s boots say fall. Over the knee, are we still doing it? I think so, because fashion is on pause so no point in starting new trends when most of us haven’t even gotten enough wear out of our stuff from last season. 

I hope Ashley Nicole Black registered this idea with the WGA because it is perfect and she needs to write it. 

“Michael’s chasing Kimmy?” 


“You’re chasing Michael?” 


“Who’s chasing you… nobody, got it?”