During the Globes I caught Cole Hauser (Rip from Yellowstone) and he was sitting with his wife Cynthia, who is one of the twins from the ‘90s TV adaptation of Sweet Valley High. Did everyone know this? I did not know this and she is pretty active on Instagram. 


The McMahon family has a fascinating nepo baby storyline: Stephanie McMahon resigned from her position, seemingly because her father Vince appointed himself to the board of directors after resigning due to allegations of misappropriating funds (paying off his workplace affair partners with company money). Vince is back and Stephanie is out, just as the TV rights are being renegotiated. Her husband Triple H (I think his real name is Paul) is staying with WWE. It’s like Shiv, Tom and Logan Roy but with steroids and pyrotechnics. 


A lot of talk about Austin Butler’s Elvis drawl last night but I say let the former child actors have their fun.


Buccal fat removal is the surgery that everyone is talking about right now because the results are quite obvious. It hollows out the face and creates really sharp cheekbones. But, the long-term effects of removing fat from the face are unknown. Lipo and breast work (implants, lifts and reductions) are pretty common surgeries and Sunny Hostin talked to People about her experience, which is very refreshing. In the story, she talks about her experience with large breasts and how it affected the way her clothes fit and her self-image. She also talks about wearing minimizer bras, binding and sports bras as a way to shape her body. That is definitely relatable as bras are seeing big growth in the textile market, even as retail margins are shrinking. Bras are big business and I’m kind of surprised celebrities aren’t tapping into that market yet.