Sofia Richie Grange is a Vogue favourite so it’s no surprise that’s where she chose to announce her pregnancy. (They cover her a lot, which means she gets clicks, and that coverage trickles down to other websites.) 


She’s a whole aesthetic on TikTok and her every look is dissected so expect quiet luxury pregnancy to be a thing. If a celebrity can be a symbol of a generational divide, she’d be it. I admit I don’t get it. But people are obsessed with her!


“Hired date” is a rom-com staple – someone has to go to a wedding or home for the holidays and they can’t do it alone. Ricky Stanicky takes that concept to the bromance-com. I laughed, I admit it. John Cena is reliably funny in comedies like Trainwreck and Blockers. He commits to the bit.


Kate Hudson is promoting an album and her many product lines so it’s a great time to drop news like this. She’s starring in a new Netflix series about the head office of an LA basketball team. I’m into the sports angle and I’m curious as to how a celebrity like Kate, who is pretty well-known to audiences, will fit into the Mindy Kaling Multiverse. 


Jack Antonoff called out Kanye West on Twitter and my question is – what is the point?  Maybe Kanye did coordinate to release his album on the same day as Bleachers but also, maybe he didn’t? Ultimately all this did is let me know that Kanye has a new album coming out, which I would not have known otherwise. Jack really needed to get it off his chest I guess.


OK what do we think about celebrities posting GoFundMe links for relatively small amounts. I say relatively as in relative to them – let’s say under $20k. Like many of you, my petty brain says, “pony up the cash yourself.” (For larger GoFundMe campaigns, like medical costs, I totally get it because those are astronomical.) Alyssa Milano posted a GoFundMe link for her son’s baseball team to go to Cooperstown. I am doing this trip this summer with my kids for baseball. We pay for travel, dues, uniforms, food, accommodations – it’s a totally separate expense from the rest of the season. It’s expensive as f-ck. And because I know how much it costs, $10k will not cover a team. So is this to subsidize a few kids without singling them out? That would be understandable. Or is this subsidizing Alyssa Milano and her husband (who is an agent at CAA). That is a little less heartwarming. She turned off replies but there are over 4,000 quote tweets. Never a good sign. 


Everyone is always talking about The Rock for president but in terms of political engagement, he’s on the lower end of the spectrum. Now someone like Kerry Washington is very politically engaged with voting and social causes. Maybe she will run for office.