Billie Eilish spoke to Vogue about her second perfume launch (also, it’s funny when celebrities act all shocked that they can have a perfume – pop stars and perfumes are pretty standard now). What I really want to point out here is how much Billie looks like Scarlett Johansson. I’ve never noticed this before. 


Annabelle Wallis has a healthy career but is also someone who seems like she’s on the cusp of something bigger but it hasn’t quite happened yet. I wonder if dating famous men (Chris Martin, Chris Pine, Sebastian Stan) has hindered or helped her in that regard? It helps with name recognition and social media (which some casting directors actually care about) but she isn’t a total heatscore either, so it’s not like she’s trying to hype up her career that way. 


The GameStop stock frenzy, which was Redditors versus Wall Street, is being turned into a film with a stacked cast. COVID has messed up my sense of time but it’s crazy to me that this is already a movie. The main thing I remember about this run is reading about a guy who used his life savings (around $1500) and was up to six figures and someone said what if you lose it all and he responded that he already had nothing, so there was nothing to lose. Yes the Redditors were “gaming the system” but the system is f-cked up and favours the few people who already have money. I’m curious to see how the movie captures the battle. Vanity Fair scored the first look.


Kelly Clarkson has been speaking pretty openly about her divorce and mentions that marriage counselling didn’t necessarily help the marriage, but it helped with the ups-and-downs of separation and divorce. Her album comes out Friday and expectations are high and her promo cycle feels more traditional – no surprise drops or hints, she’s putting it all out there. It totally suits her personality.


Bryan Cranston can’t escape Vanderpump Rules and what I wouldn’t GIVE to see Aaron Paul in the Sandoval role. 


Lainey wrote about the star power, Black culture and the show-stopping guest list at the Louis Vuitton show. Pharrell, Beyonce, Rihanna, Jay-Z – one name wonders all around. Then there’s this. At any party, anywhere in the world, no matter the cost or status of the guest list, there will be a guy who works in tech dressed like he’s picking up lunch from Chipotle.