The Victoria and Albert museum is hosting an exhibition of Naomi Campbell’s archives. I cannot imagine how many couture pieces she has collected over the years. The story behind the workmanship of the clothing is important and so is the history of it. With history comes responsibility, which Naomi takes very seriously. I’d love to learn about how she manages storage spaces, insurance and security. She probably has an entire team dedicated to keeping these clothes safe and in pristine condition. 


Ina Garten makes her own vanilla by soaking vanilla beans in vodka. She makes social media food influencers look like children with Easy Bake ovens. And it’s not like this is contrived – she didn’t create a homemade vanilla jar 40 years ago thinking she would show it off on Instagram one day. 


Stories are trickling out about Joshua Jackson and Jodie Turner-Smith. Some reports said he was blindsided and this PEOPLE story says she decided she was done as the marriage turned “unhealthy.” What does seem clear on both sides is that it is Jodie who wants out but they both want to co-parent. Hopefully they’ve said their peace and custody goes smoothly. 


I was very pleased to see Brittany Mahomes out with Taylor Swift because so many of Brittany’s haters assumed she’s jealous of Taylor. I don’t know if Taylor saw the chatter and wanted to crush that narrative or if she really just likes hanging with Brittany (maybe both!) but the dinner was a real FU to the misogynistic storyline that is, oftentimes, pushed by other women. Also, does anyone who follows Taylor think she would go into a new environment and alienate a woman because she’s “attention seeking”? She’s friends with loads of celebrities. Attention is not a bad thing in this world, nor is seeking it. Women who get attention do not threaten her. And the most “attention seeking” thing Brittany does online is post photos of her family. 


If you watch The Masked Singer this is a spoiler alert. OK? Stop reading if you don’t want to know. Tom Sandoval was revealed and this is the second reality show he’s done since Scandoval dropped. Ariana Madix is doing the more lucrative and prestigious reality show with Dancing with the Stars but all of this is part of the churn. In the right context, cheating pays. Another contestant on DWTS? Mauricio Umansky, who is not even a Housewife. He’s a Househusband! The new trailer for Beverly Hills just dropped and it’s all about his separation from Kyle Richards and allegations of infidelity on both sides. You know what would complete the storyline? Mo and Ariana. The Bravoverse would implode.