The Daily Mail outbid everyone else yesterday for the exclusive rights to photos of Brad Pitt with Ines de Ramon at the Bono concert – click here to see. 


Ines works in the jewellery business and is separated from Paul Wesley. They announced their split in September, confirming that they’d broken up five months earlier. She is 29 years old. Brad Pitt is turning 59 years old next month. We’ll come back to that in a minute. 

But first, about Brad Pitt…who was last romantically linked with Emily Ratajkowski, allegedly. I mean, it seemed like people were trying to link them romantically but Emrata then went on to criticise Blonde, a film he produced (which has been slammed by critics and is officially a bomb), and make out in public with a man who is Not Brad Pitt. She was just seen a few days ago with Pete Davidson. So even if the Great and Desirable Brad Pitt was, for a minute, spending time with Emrata, she must not have been all that impressed by his supposed greatness and desirability. 


That said, I was never sold on the Brad and Emrata rumour anyway. And now Ines has entered the chat. Is it possible that this was a case of mistaken identity? Maybe the person people thought was Emrata was actually Ines? And, you know, Brad’s team ran with it because Emrata is definitely more of a household name than Ines is? But now that everybody knows that Emrata is no longer or wasn’t ever interested, Brad needs to pivot…with another much-younger, very beautiful woman. To restore the allure and the image of virility, of course. 

Back to that 30-year age gap though – this is not insignificant. A few days ago people online were side-eyeing Chris Evans, 41, dating Alba Baptista, 24. Brad’s age gap with Ines is nearly double that. Last week, Stephanie wrote about Cher and Alexander Edwards and how people reacted to her dating a man nearly 40 years younger. Brad Pitt’s seen with a woman basically three decades his junior. Probably not the same outsize reaction, right? 


By the way, here’s Brad back in August 1992, when he was 29 years old, the same age Ines is now. This photo was taken three months before she was born. 

Brad Pitt attends the 'Johnny Suede' Beverly Hills Premiere on August 19, 1992 at the Laemmle's Fine Arts Theatre in Beverly Hills, California

In response to all the criticism about her new relationship, Cher felt the need to defend herself and her boyfriend on social media. Pretty sure Brad Pitt won’t have to defend whatever it is between him and Ines, because this is so normalised in our culture. A man Brad’s age dating a woman Ines’s age is much more common than a woman Cher’s age dating a man Alexander’s age. If they’re actually dating. 

According to the Daily Mail, Ines is “a member of his team”. Not sure what this means but he’s now in the cashmere sweater and skincare business so maybe he’s doing a line of jewellery made from the grapes vines or some sh-t at Chateau Miraval and she’s consulting with that and what they have is totally platonic. Because, don’t forget, it’s really scary for Brad to move on and be with another woman. Because he lives in fear of Angelina Jolie remember? Sources close to him told Page Six back in September that he “worries that [Angelina] Jolie will badmouth him to their kids, more than she already has, if he has a serious girlfriend”. Right. Like he hasn’t always done whatever the f-ck he wants. As if Angelina could possibly cockblock this man. 


In reality it’s more the other way around. Brad is suing Angelina, trying to force her back into business with him at Chateau Miraval which some consider to be a form of legal and financial abuse, on top of the physical abuse that she alleges took place against her and their children on that private jet back in 2016. He’s the one who’s been repeatedly linked to a series of women since the end of their marriage. Over the same period, Angelina has been very loosely linked to just one person: The Weeknd, although there was nothing slamdunk to really suggest that that they were anything more than friends connected through philanthropy. Curiously, though, it’s when all those rumours about Angelina and The Weekend were swirling around that Brad appeared to escalate his legal proceedings against her, which was also around the time of the sale of Chateau Miraval and the judge being removed from their custody case for a conflict of interest. If there’s anyone who would retaliate against the other for a new romance, are we sure it’s Angelina against Brad and not Brad against Angelina? 

Attached - Brad at a Babylon screening in LA on Monday.