Sasha went on holiday, to a goop-approved destination and ran into a celebrity. Also why I hate camping and how relationships can be like slot machines on this week’s Sasha Answers.

Michael K’s nickname for Cristiano Ronaldo will never not make me laugh. Also that bust, that bust will never not make me laugh. But Michael K does have a point about him going to prison and what he would look like inside, without all his beauty accessories. Seriously? What would he look like after a couple of weeks? Is that what the artist was seeing in that bust? (Dlisted) 

Maybe it’s because I’m not really into the song… but this new Selena Gomez video, it’s not doing anything for me. I actually don’t hate the way she sounds, it’s just that the tune itself isn’t exactly a great vehicle? That said, her face, to me, it’s mesmerising. I find it hard to stop looking at her. And that 70s wig is FUN. I would like to see how I look in one. (Just Jared) 

The hairstyle of the summer is apparently the ponytail. Look, I’ll never be mad at that. But can I say again that wrapping a piece of hair around the ponytail to conceal the elastic band is totally unnecessary? There’s nothing wrong with seeing the elastic band. So why take away from the fullness of the pony? When you take a piece of hair to wrap around the elastic band, you’re reducing the size of your pony. Explain to me the logic for doing that? You can’t. Because there is no logic in doing that. What I like to do is actually stack two ponytails on top of themselves and then use a third elastic to wrap around them both. It’s easier to create volume this way and it increases the dimension. (Refinery29) 

I’m the opposite here. I actually don’t mind the hair and the makeup but I find the dress to be a total bore. And this is usually my kind of dress. Long sleeves, long length, not much shape. It’s the pattern though. The pattern is way too safe. It’s unremarkable. It’s an office pattern – as in a pattern you could wear to work in the office. I’ve already forgotten what it looks like.  (Go Fug Yourself) 

Yes, the Recording Academy needs an update…but I’m not sure opening up Grammy voting online is going to solve the problem? If this happened a few years ago, Twilight would have been Album of the Year, Song Of The Year, and every other category of the year even if Twilight wasn’t on the ballot.  (Jezebel) 

CTV’s Lisa LaFlamme interviewed Prince Harry and this column she’s written about the experience is total work porn – from going into Kensington Palace and deciding on which room to use for their discussion to what book had to be put away so as not to distract from the conversation, these are the inside baseball details I love the most. (CTV News)