Here’s another “we’ll see it when we see it” movie: The King’s Man, the prequel to the Kingsman movies, is supposed to come out this fall. To that end, a new trailer was released yesterday, touting that it will be “Only in theaters September 18”. You know what, King’s Man? I believe that YOU believe that. I hope it does come out in September, though, because The King’s Man looks dope. Ralph Fiennes as an action hero? Here for it. Daniel Brühl as a scheming Russian? Into it. Whatever Rhys Ifans is doing as Rasputin? Dig it. This looks fun and dumb in all the good ways, and I am always here for a fun-dumb action movie, especially since the last action movie I saw in theaters was Bloodshot, which just makes me sad.


What this Kingsman movie offers that’s different from the previous two is a skewed view of history. I like fun-dumb action movies, but I also like history, so this is pushing multiple buttons at once. The King’s Man is set during World War I and features several real-life historical figures. Rhys Ifans is unrecognizable as Rasputin, and however crazy he seems in this trailer, it is NOTHING on the completely batsh-t true story of Rasputin. Daniel Brühl stars as Prince Felix Yusupov, the man who plotted Rasputin’s assassination, and seems to be one of the main villains here. And in a fun bit of casting, Tom Hollander plays all three monarchs involved in the war: King George V, Kaiser Wilhelm II, and Tsar Nicholas II. It’s extra-super-fun for history nerds because all those guys were cousins and bore a striking resemblance to one another (I wonder if George and Nicholas made fun of Wilhelm for his stupid mustache). The King’s Man is satisfying both my vintage crush on Ralph Fiennes—he was IT in The English Patient—and my inner history nerd. I am here for The King’s Man, you know, whenever it comes out.