On this week’s episode of What’s Your Drama, Sasha nails on why serenading is so… awkward. It’s not just because it was Kenny G. There’s another thing you don’t think about until it’s actually happening to you. As for your drama: politics and sex, good or bad idea? And also… can someone be “destined” to be a cheater? 

OF COURSE there’s going to be a Fyre Festival sequel. Everything that generates that much intrigue and controversy is going to have a sequel. And people will watch…or go. You know this. You might think it’s stupid that they’d go, but you also know they would go. Here’s my question: why are people so f-cking obsessed with festivals? I can’t do the festival thing. I can’t be around that many people for that much time. It’s never, ever been appealing to me. (Dlisted) 

Dustin is right – this is really, really great television. At the expense but not really of Jimmy Fallon. He’s the beneficiary of the combined talent of Steve Martin and Martin Short. You’ve heard about how much work Martin Short puts into a talk show appearance, right? It’s a totally grandma thing to say but the young’uns could really learn from these veterans. (Pajiba) 
Cardi B and Offset, as we know, with a groan, are back together. And even though we all expected it –because that split was never going to stick – the way they’ve gotten back together is… nauseating. Right now, obviously, he’s buying his forgiveness. He’s living up to the promise. He also happens to be readying the release of his new album. So. There’s that. (TMZ) 

Marc Jacobs sent some gorgeous pieces down the runway for his latest collection. And, just as we’ve seen from the runways at Paris Fashion Week, “minimalism” isn’t the thing right now. Everything is extra and bright and big and flouncy. The highlight here: all these beautiful coats. I’m so over coats right now because of this f-cking winter but these coats really are spectacular. (Go Fug Yourself) 
Pre-weekend non-surprise: Thomas Markle is feeling sorry for himself now that Meghan’s friends, including George Clooney, are basically reading him for filth. What fresh dump can we expect from him this Sunday, his preferred day for dropping new dumps? (Cele|bitchy) 

Cardi B and Bruno Mars’s new song, “Please Me”, was the first thing I listened to this morning. This is not subtle. Lines like “If you can't sweat the weave out, you shouldn't even be out/ Dinner reservations like the pussy, you gon' eat out” are definitely not subtle. And…well…yeah. It’s a bop. (Rolling Stone)