Jake Gyllenhaal told Howard Stern about his crush on Jennifer Aniston which he’s actually talked about before but COVID has wiped out our gossip memories I guess so we’re acting like this is new. My interest in the story is that Jennifer is now really tight with Jake’s ex, Reese Witherspoon. And…you now… girl talk. At least that’s the kind of girl talk that happens in my friend groups. Do you think they’ve had that conversation? (Dlisted) 


Yesterday in this space I defended a pair of boots that I couldn’t wear myself because I’m clumsy but that I would love to see on Lil Nas X. And it’s the same with these… pants. Are they pants? They’re chaps, I guess? The Fug Girls are calling them chaps. Or are they overalls…without the “over” part? Whatever they are, they too need to be modelled by Lil Nas X. Or Borat. (Go Fug Yourself) 

I love pumpkin pie. SO much. I have never baked a pumpkin pie though because it looks hard. Like the crust part. But wait. I’ve baked a gallette, so if I can do a gallette, that means I can make a pumpkin pie, right? The filling isn’t the part that scares me because I know now that it comes out of a can. And whether or not the can is actually pumpkin or squash, I can’t say I give a sh-t, it’s gonna taste good either way, non? (Cele|bitchy) 

Holy sh-t. They turned the Sex and the City sequel show, And Just Like That, around fast. I didn’t think it would be premiering so soon. (OMG Blog) 

We’re close, motherf-ckers. We are ten days away from the premiere of Succession. In preparation for the return of the Roys, please read Katie Baker’s excellent character study of Shiv Roy. I loved every word. (The Ringer)