Yesterday Keke Palmer put out a call on Twitter that was quickly met with thousands of responses: “If I were to create a millennial “The View”, who would you want to be my co-hosts?” Now, I don’t want to brag (I kind of do) but I may have predicted this exactly one month before she tweeted about it. Does Keke Palmer read LaineyGossip?


On July 10th, I wrote about what she should do next, after her talk show Strahan, Sara, and Keke was cancelled. At the time I hoped Keke would ditch broadcast TV and do a digital series, perhaps like Red Table Talk, where she can bring to the screen what people her age (millennials) are talking about. 

Imagine my surprise/delight/curiosity when out of nowhere Keke hypothetically asked for co-host suggestions for a millennial version of The View. But is it hypothetical? ABC execs would be smart to spin off their daytime staple, I mean, everyone else has. There’s The Talk, a more pop culture focused View rip offand The Real, targeted towards women of colour, just to name a couple. Why not go after the millennial audience that broadcast TV has been hemorrhaging. Would it air on ABC? Hopefully not. TV execs keep thinking they can lure young people back to TV, but they’re gone. Put the content where they are: Netflix, YouTube, etc. 


What makes the concept even more plausible is that although Keke’s show got the axe, she did not. The host is still under contract with ABC, and they’re actively working to find the right fit for her. So if a NewView isn’t already in the works, I’m going to pretend Keke’s tweets are some sort of preliminary market research.

With men included in this iteration, my mind immediately went to The Daily Show correspondent Jaboukie Young-White. He’s politically engaged, his mother’s a working class public school teacher, and he’s a queer person of colour. I want to hear that view. He’s my Joy Behar. Another name that immediately came to mind is Yara Shahidi, who’s actually guest co-hosted The View. She’s super politically engaged, her father is an Iranian immigrant, she’s an activist as well an actress. But if you follow her on Instagram, she’s also pretty goofy, and not afraid to show off her unibrow she’ll grow out when she’s not filming. She’ll be my millennial Sara Haines. 

I also think it would be interesting (and some have said this for years about the OG View) to represent the view of a trans woman. Euphoria scene stealer, Hunter Schafer came to mind. The actress, model, and activist has a large following online. The gorgeous and outspoken Indya Moore (from FX’s POSE) would also be a great voice, especially given the urgency around protecting and uplifting trans women of colour right now. Indya isn’t a lawyer, but she’ll still make a great millennial Sunny Hostin. Only question is who’s the Meghan McCain? Anyone have any idea who could be a social and political counterpoint to Keke, Jaboukie, and Indya? Don’t say Tomi Lahren. I’m not watching that show. 


The comments on Keke’s post produced some fun suggestions too, like the original queen of reality TV, Tiffany “New York” Pollard and some of the RuPaul’s Drag Race girls, like Peppermint. As much as I’d like to see more Tiffany on TV, and she does appeal to millennials, she’s 38. No shade, but I think we should stick to co-hosts around 20-30 years old, because if you’re old enough to be on the OG View, what’s the point of creating this New View? 

A lot of social media stars were suggested as well. And while I do love Rickey Thompson, there’s a time and a place for screaming, and it’s definitely not on The View panel. EllenTube star Kalen Allen’s name came up multiple times. Perhaps he’s ready to exit the (not so) wonderful world of DeGeneres? It would also be nice to see a femme gay Black man be given that kind of platform. We’re seeing more examples of guys like him with the rise of social media influencers, but there’s power in being on a production backed by a company like ABC, and not just making content solo in your house, but shoulder-to-shoulder with co-workers who accept and celebrate you as you are.

Another name thrown in the mix was Canadian TikTok star,  Boman Martinez-Reid, whose popularity has sky-rocketed in quarantine, recently signing with Hollywood talent agency, CAA. He’s definitely one to watch in coming years. He’s hilarious and creative as hell. I don’t know much about his background or what his views might be, but I’d love to find out. He’s also just great to look at. My boyfriend gets mad at me when he catches me googly-eyed over Boman’s latest TikTok — which happens often. 

So, Keke, I hope you’re reading this. On my dream millennial View, you’re the moderator and Jaboukie Young-White, Yara Shahidi, and Indya Moore are your co-hosts; then perhaps, a revolving 5th chair because I’d like to get another male voice in there. Also, if you need a producer just tell me where and when to send my resumé. I’ve been waiting for this show for years.