Tonight is the New York City premiere of House of Gucci and we’ve already seen Lady Gaga light it up on the UK red carpet and in Milan, but NYC is home for her. And, well, she’s been going all out to promote this film and her performance and her Oscar chances. So whatever we’re getting later is going to be just as extra, just as over-the-top. 


Last night she attended the Directors Guild of America screening for the film in a black Valentino dress which she covered up towards the end of the evening with a silver python print coat. She also made a stop at The Late Show with Stephen Colbert, and while she’s not a listed guest on the schedule this week, Adam Driver is expected tomorrow night so chances are she taped an appearance to air during tomorrow’s episode. Not surprisingly, Gaga continues to do the most for this movie – because as far the public is concerned, being that it doesn’t open until US Thanksgiving, this is her film. Sure, sure, there are critics who are talking about Jared Leto’s performance underneath all those prosthetics, but let’s not pretend that Gaga isn’t the main star of House of Gucci. There’s only Gaga at this party. 


Lady Gaga is going for that acting Oscar. Right now, many consider to be one of the frontrunners, alongside Kristen Stewart. But there are others surging. Nicole Kidman, as previously mentioned, and don’t count out Penelope Cruz in Pedro Almodóvar’s Parallel Mothers. Remember the Academy loves Olivia Colman who could be a factor for her performance in Maggie Gyllenhaal’s The Lost Daughter. There’s also Jennifer Hudson who’s staying in the conversation for her performance as Aretha Franklin in Respect. Jessica Chastain too for The Eyes of Tammy Faye. And there’s another heavy-hitter on the way. Frances McDormand, in The Tragedy of Macbeth, directed by Joel Coen, co-starring Denzel Washington – she’s the current Best Actress winner, she is nominated every time she’s in a movie, you can never sleep on her. And there’s always a dark horse. Right now that’s looking like it might be Alana Haim in Paul Thomas Anderson’s Licorice Pizza. 

So it’s a crowded and competitive category, which means campaigns have to be strategic and intense. Gaga can do intense, but it’s the strategy that will be interesting to watch. Many of the aforementioned Best Actress possibilities are past winners and/or well established in the acting community, with alliances to tap into. Yes, Gaga is a superstar, perhaps the most famous of the lot. But within Academy voting circles, which is all about who you know and who you’ve worked with and who’s networking for you, she may not have the inroads of the Kidman or a Chastain or a Cruz, or even a Kristen Stewart who’s been in movies since she was a kid. That’s why endorsements can be critical, especially in a year like this. 


Which is where Bradley Cooper enters the chat. He’s based in New York. He’s in New York right now. Will he throw his support behind her, Jackson Maine forever? But he’s also in Licorice Pizza so it might be expected that he sticks with his own film and its young star, Alana Haim. Then again, you remember what the culture was like a few years ago during A Star is Born. House of Gucci is the ASIB of 2021 in terms of box office potential and mainstream popularity. No other possible Oscar contending film will inspire the same obsession as Gucci. Or the memes. The imitations. The TikToks. And you’ll remember, with ASIB, there was all that shipping. 

I laughed at it then and I still laugh now, how convinced people were that there was something between Gaga and Bradley Cooper…as IF. Bradley and Irina Shayk may or may not have reunited, but the real reunion that stans are waiting for is the Jackson and Ally comeback of 2021. 

Gaga would run wild with that, as we know. But would Bradley be willing?