Ten years ago or so, if you’d asked most people who they thought would be a better fit for a Chanel brand partnership, Kristen Stewart or Margot Robbie, I think the majority would have answered Margot Robbie. But it’s Kristen’s connection with Chanel that has been the better collaboration. The looks suit both parties: they work well for KStew’s style vibe without compromising the house signature. Margot, on the other hand, it hasn’t been an exciting style relationship. The moment she doesn’t wear Chanel, which is what happened last night, you notice – because it’s better. (Go Fug Yourself) 


Speaking of partnerships, at this point, who doesn’t have a Crocs collaboration? So many celebrities have sold-out Crocs collections and luxury fashion brands too. Now it’s convenience stores. Did everyone buy Crocs during the pandemic? I did not. And I never considered it. What am I missing? (Dlisted) 

Pete Davidson’s red carpet style, now that he’s no longer dating Kim Kardashian, is pretty much modelled after Adam Sandler. Adam’s been doing this sh-t for years. (Cele|bitchy)  

Maria mentioned earlier that Adam Levine has become a meme. Specifically his cringey text game, as in no game. If you’ve been off Twitter over the last 48 hours and missed it, here’s a collection of the best ones. (Pajiba) 

Look I love all snacks, snacks are great. There is no complaint here at all. But if we’re comparing then, yes, Asian snacks are always going to get my vote over western snacks because the flavours are so much more adventurous. Even North American snack brands are doing more adventurous flavours for the Asian market. (Eater)